We import products and delicacies from all Italian regions, through carefully selected suppliers in order to meet our highest standards. We ensure that the products we sell are not those which one could find in a supermarket. This was made possible with the help of 7 Michelin star Italian chef Bruno Barbieri, who acted as an advisor, helping us carefully select our suppliers and products to provide at our shop.

At Upperfood, we make an effort to bring back the feeling of a traditional Italian shop, where the manager knows your name and remembers your preferred products. A place where customers do not hesitate to ask for the expert advice of whoever is behind the counter.

Starting during the Covid period, our “door to door” delivery is now up and running through our website. This allows customers to order any item from our shop online, and have it delivered to their house in no time.

We believe that a quality diet is a form of wealth, and Fabrizio, our owner, has managed to realise his dream, and in just a few years turn Malta into his personal Treasure Island.


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