Take the word ‘upper’ (superior) and ‘food’ and you have a fresh take on the tradition of small food stores that used to form part of village life, providing all types of artisan produce from only quality sources, and bringing the locality to life with their myriad aromas.

With its Italian food market concept, Upper Food celebrates good food and wine as an integral part of life, to be savoured, not rushed. Sit down, take your time, enjoy the flavours, tastes and good company.

Our products are sourced from all over Italy, from cities, towns and especially smaller villages where the traditional ways of creating top quality food and wine are still going strong. We bring you products from Sicily, Piedmont, Venice, Tuscany, Lake Garda, Liguria, Calabria, Campania – the list is long. We have travelled extensively to find the finest cheeses, cold cuts, preserves, sauces, fine wines, and much more. You won’t find our ranges in the local supermarkets.

For now you are welcome to browse through our product range and come to our shop to buy. We offer online shopping and delivery as well.


UpperFood is a relatively new concept on the market. It is more than just an outlet; it is a fusion of concepts assimilated together which range from meats, cheeses, hams and wines up to pre-packed products. UpperFood is a narrative of genuine Italian food sourced from cities, towns and especially smaller villages who still adhere to natural and traditional ways of manufacture. Every product relates a piece of Italy’s longstanding food tradition and exposes the beauty of genuine artisan food which is meant to be shared with local chefs and other professionals operating in the food industry, as well as the end consumer. Above all, UpperFood is about quality, high food standards and reliability.


Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments

Bethenny Frankel

We strive to provide our clients with a unique experience of genuine food sourced from selected suppliers which ensure the highest quality standards.


We believe that food is an intense love affair which develops during the early stages of our journey and accompanies us through the rest of our life. Its impact is instant and affects our taste buds, our moods and our habits. It reflects our internal feelings and helps us express our emotions towards others. This intense relationship is built on the fundamental concept of genuine quality food and wine which we guarantee to our clients by travelling to every corner of Italy to select the finest cheeses, cold cuts, preserves, sauces and wines sourced from reliable suppliers with whom we have long standing relationships. Every product available is authentic, natural and of high quality standards.