UPPERitivo with Chef Bruno Barbieri

UPPERitivo with Chef Bruno Barbieri

We’re really glad to inform the Food Lovers that we’re launching our first UPPERitivo: the Italian Aperitif made by UpperFood! During this first 2 events – on October 25th and 26th – we will have a Special Guest: Chef BRUNO BARBIERI (7 michelin Stars in Career and Judge of Masterchef Italy).

The UPPERitivo will become an Awesome Usual Event by UpperFood!

The ticket costs € 20.00 and includes an open buffet and an Open Bar with wine, beer and soft drinks.

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The Malta Independent on Sunday

Media: The Malta Independent on Sunday
Date: 11 December 2016

New website online!

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Internationally acclaimed chef Bruno Barbieri in Malta

Renowned chef Bruno Barbieri was in Malta earlier this week on a flying visit to give his seal of approval to UpperFood. Bruno Barbieri who is from one of Italy’s gastronomical capitals, Bologna, has received seven Michelin stars over the years and is one of the main judges on Italy’s Master Chef.

The UPPER FOOD concept was conceived by two Italian entrepreneur Fabrizio Crimi, who has based his lives in Malta. As successful businessman in various fields including the commercial, financial and food sectors, both bring different skillsets and experience to this new joint venture. Their goal was to bring back that small food store which was a quintessential part of any village core while providing artisan high quality Italian products at reasonable prices and in season. While food has become another global commodity with anything available at any time, UpperFood is taking food back to its basic genuine seasonality and will offer products according to their seasonality bringing food back to its purest form. This is a recurring theme throughout the store and the products it offers and one that Chef Barbieri wholeheartedly supports.

“Barbieri knows good food and is often referred to as a culinary walking library so vast is his knowledge on the subject. “said Fabrizio, “ so inviting him to our store made sense and his seal of approval confirms the authenticity of what we set out to created. We are delighted that he took time out of his busy life to come over to help us do this.”

Fabrizio hasF set out to offer the Maltese an Italian culinary experience that is simply authentic, playing on the nostalgic sense of the local bottegha style village store.

According to Fabrizio the decision to open the first UpperFood specifically in Malta was born of years of living here and understanding and recognizing the appeal that Italy and its cuisine has among the Maltese. With plans to expand the brand overseas it also made sense to use Malta as a testing market. There is also talk to establish a more permanent relationship with Chef Barbieri in order to involve him in further projects which could see him visit Malta more regularly.

All products are conceived, produced and packed in Italy and Fabrizio has literally scoured their country from top to bottom in order to source the best artisan food and wines which will undoubtedly convey that unique Italian taste. And in doing so they have created a little Italy in the heart of tal-Ibragg.

This article has been featured in the Malta Independent, Malta Today and it-Torca.

UpperFood is now open for business

On Saturday, UpperFood finally opened its doors to the public, and welcomed many eager shoppers, both those to had planned to visit and people just passing by.

The team were kept busy preparing products for the Macelleria and Salumeria displays, and plenty of free samples were enthusiastically tasted.

UpperFood is open 7 days a week (Sundays just in the morning), so why not pop in and see what we can tempt you with? We’re on Ta l’Ibrag Road – see the map below. Parking is available on the main road and on side streets.

See you soon!