Bottarga di Muggine




Mullet bottarga is a food obtained by drying the ovarian sac of mullets. In other words, these are salted and dried eggs to obtain golden baffles with an intense flavor of the sea. Mullet bottarga is eaten in slices, more or less thin according to preferences, or ground, to be sprinkled on croutons or first courses. Its strong flavor does not meet everyone’s taste. A mixture of sweetness, flavor and creaminess makes this delicacy inimitable among other seafood products. It is said that the tradition of bottarga arrived in Sardinia about 3000 years ago, by the Phoenicians, the first colonizers of the island. Since then, the areas of greatest production have been those closest to their settlements along the coasts (Nora, Cagliari, Tharros and Sulcis). The name “Bottarga” would derive from battarikh, a term used by the Arabs to indicate this so precious delight which, until recently, was difficult to find and reserved for gifts and special occasions.

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