Butter With White truffles Bianchetto




Burro Con Tartufo Bianco E Bianchetto
Our Specialty based on Butter and White Truffles is a precious cream free of preservatives and dyes, made with butter cream, Bianchetto Truffle, White Truffle and aromas that enhance the flavor of the preparation; these ingredients give the product the intense and characteristic flavor and aroma of the Bianchetto truffle and the highly prized White Truffle. Excellent as a condiment for pasta, risotto and fondue, the Butter and White Truffle-based Specialty is also perfect for enjoying it on toast and croutons, to enrich pate, to perfume egg and meat dishes and in all preparations in which contains White Truffles or Bianchetti Truffles, which will intensify the scent.

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Weight 30 g