Crudo di Parma DOP




Prosciutto di Parma PDO is completely natural and boasts ancient origins: only Italian pork processed with sea salt. It is produced exclusively in a delimited area of the province of Parma where the ideal climatic conditions are found for aging, during which it will acquire peculiar characteristics such as sweetness and taste. The first evidence of the processing of hams in the Parma area dates back to Catone in the second century BC. Starting from the year 1000, ham acquires an ever greater importance. Between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries the Corporazione dei Beccai was formed in Parma, which was involved in the production of pork, which underwent a split in 1459, when the Lardaioli, those who killed the pig and salted its meat, decided to set up their own corporation.

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Weight 100 g