Formaggio Scoparolo




Handcrafted aged sheep’s cheese. “Il Formaggio Scoparolo” takes its name from an old local tradition. Several years ago, in peasant houses, cheeses were stored in cool areas such as closets, since the cellars were already full of barrels of wine and grains. In these places, working tools and sorghum brooms were kept above all. The cheeses were placed in the wooden shelves to favor maturation and brushed, turned and oiled with care by the farmer. When the farmer asked the boy to retrieve the cheese, he said: “Go and get the Scoparolo!”, Precisely because these cheeses rested among the brooms. Today, “The real Scoparolo cheese” is the precious fruit of an artisanal process that gives an unmistakable, rich and full taste, an expression of the Romagna tradition.

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Weight 200 g