Pomodoro CIliegino




Sweet cherry tomatoes ripened in the Sicilian sun, selected with love, carefully dried and preserved in oil flavored with selected aromatic herbs. This is what distinguishes this unique product, which with its incomparable flavor lends itself to giving an extra touch to the most varied dishes. Sicilian artisan product worked with authentic Sicilian raw materials of high quality, the result of an artisan tradition handed down for generations and expression of the most ancient and tasty Sicilian gastronomy. The Sicilian craftsmanship handed down for generations, the organoleptic properties of the earth, eight months of sunshine a year and the influence of the sea ensure that Daidone Exquisiteness products have an unmistakable and important taste. Highly recommended for making canapés, croutons and snacks of all kinds. All the taste of Sicily in a jar!

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Weight 300 g